2014 Bird Survey Report

In 2014 we recorded a total of 38 species, and a full list is included with this report, showing which months each species was present. There are 12 species which were recorded every month and a further 4 recorded 10 or more months. It is likely that Dunnocks are also present all year, and in greater numbers than recorded, as this species is very secretive. Ring-necked Parakeets are now present all year, and breeding.

There have been some notable changes compared with 2013, for which we have no explanation:
Green Woodpecker was only recorded in 5 months, compared with 11 months.
Goldcrests were present from August to November, whilst they were present from January to April in 2013.
Pied Wagtail were seen only 5 months of the year, as compared to 9 months in 2013. The usual large flock was again present in September and October.

Sparrowhawks were again seen feeding their young over the tennis courts in July and August – a wonderful sight to observe.

We only seem to have one pair of House Sparrows nesting in the park, but small groups are present in the gardens of the surrounding streets, proving that they are not called “House” sparrows for nothing!

A maximum of 10 Redwings were with us from December until April, with only one Fieldfare recorded.
A flock of 10 Meadow Pipits were present briefly in September, following a night of wind and storm. It is thought they may have been blown off-course whilst moving south within Britain.
In March we were surprised to see a pair of Mallards and a single Pheasant.
No Waxwings were recorded in 2014.
There were occasional sightings of Blackcap, Garden Warbler and Willow Warbler.

In March we managed to arrange for all our regular bird recording team to do a simultaneous count in all areas, this being the most likely way to avoid double counting as birds move around. We all enjoyed doing this, and the numbers for the month were indistinguishable for the normal pattern. This was very encouraging, indicating that our survey method is reliable.

Many thanks to all the bird survey team for their reliability.. and diligence.

                                                                                       The Friends of West Ham Park                                                                                       
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