The Friends are Welcoming, Helpful and Positive

We're not a committee and its not formal, although we do operate under agreed objectives (see Terms of Reference page).  

We are just some local people, with ideas and a commitment, who discuss opinions and inform those who run the park about what we think. The Friends meet four times each year, here you can keep track of what's been said, and plan your diary for the next get together 

If you have something to say, come and say it! 

The next meeting is on
Thursday 23rd November 2017
Join us on the at the Scout Hut, Evesham Road, Stratford E15 4AL. 7-8.30pmEveryone Welcome! 

Future meeting dates:
Thursday 23 November – this is a change from the previous date.

Finding the meeting
The Scout Hut's full address is Gladstone Hall, Evesham Road, Stratford, E15 4AL
Find us here

                                                                                       The Friends of West Ham Park                                                                                       
 Last updated 2 October 2017

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