Minutes of Committee Meeting

Thursday 22nd June 2017 
The Bandstand West Ham Park

Ron Innell (Chairman), Roger Jones (Vice Chairman), Lucy Murphy (Park Manager), Abdul Sheik, Nicky Brown, Charlotte Cook, Pat Mossop, Helen Mossop, and Mary Edmondson.

Lyndsay Jones, Joel Farrell

Ron welcomed everyone to the meeting. He was sorry to report to the meeting that Catherine Tye, one of the Friends, and the leading artistic force in many events, had passed away recently after a short illness. Catherine was an inspiration to us all and will be very sadly missed. Lyndsay would be attending the funeral.

Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes from the meeting on 2nd March 2017 were agreed, with 2 amendments, as a correct record. 
Recent Events
Bird watching - 1st/2nd April

21 people attended in total with 2 successful events and satisfied participants.

Wildlife Garden Maintenance - 14th May
A total of 11 people (Friends and members of the public) attended this first maintenance event. It was very successful but there were a number of lessons to be learnt for future events and the time period would be reduced to 2 hours and a list of the jobs to be done would be placed by the entrance gate.

Bird Surveys
Roger reported that the surveys continued to go well. The trends in bird population as shown in the annual reviews showed a broadly stable position. The most recent data is attached to the minutes and would be included in the Friends website and Facebook page.

Finance Report
Ron reported that following expenditure on the purchase of a feather flag the current balance was £1003.

Park Update 
Lucy reported in 2016/17 the park had 1.3m visitors and the playground 385,000. The refurbishment of the tennis courts was completed and usage had risen by 65% on the previous year. The rose garden and woodland walk works had been completed and 180m of new native hedgerow planted. A new dry garden had been created and the rock garden renovated. 11 new large trees had successfully been planted and 15 conifers moved. The new learning team had 993 participants, held 92 events and15 volunteers had been recruited. The schools programme had involved 2451 children in activities in the park. The new mobile catering arrangements were now operating successfully.

There was an equally demanding programme of activities and developments for the forth-coming year.

The nursery site re-development planning had continued with 3 options being taken foreword for more detailed assessment before selecting a final option towards the end of the calendar year.

Future events

FWHP Meeting dates 

Thursday 14th September 2017
Thursday 23rd November 2017 – this is a change from the previous date.

Wildlife Garden Maintenance Sunday - 6th August
This would follow the format of the first event but modified to reflect the lessons learnt 

Bat Walks Thursday 24th August and Friday 22nd September 
It was agreed that the Bat Walks would be ticket events as a trial using the Eventbrite booking facility. The tickets would be free and there would still be space of anyone turning up on the night providing the event was not full. This would also enable the requirements for Friends to be available as stewards to be assessed in advance of the event. The bandstand would be used as the assembly point and to provide a stage for Lyndsay to talk to the group.
The event would be promoted through Facebook, website and posters in the park. 
Lucy would also investigate the provision of PA facilities and the use of the Park’s tablets to check-in participants as they arrived.

Leaf Pile Sunday - 5th November
It was agreed Lyndsay would investigate whether BBC  Countryfile or media might be interested in covering the event. Lucy said she would liaise and discuss with their PR team if this would help.

Park in the Dark Friday - 8th December
Arrangements to be finalised at next meeting

Fothergill Drawings Event
Mary reported that we had agreed to postpone this event until 2018. Her recent visit to St Petersburg Komarov Botannical Institute had not made the progress she had hoped for but there were a number of contacts to follow up. It was agreed that integrating it with another event, to create a larger and more diverse attraction, could further enhance the project. It could be linked to a Spring Festival, schools work or a history event. She and Lyndsay would continue to develop a proposition.

Roger asked if the volunteer hours that the FWHP had contributed in 2016/17 could be sent to us, which Lucy agreed. 

Post Meeting Note – The FWHP had contributed over 550 hours of voluntary activity in the 2016/17 year.


Annual General Meeting

Ron then stood down as Chairman and handed over to Lucy.

Lucy thanked Ron especially for all his help over the past 3 years as Chair. It had been a period of significant change but a very successful one for the park.  A celebration of this took place after the AGM. She also wanted to thank all Friends members for our public events and general support and assistance.

Elections then took place.

Chair.  Roger was asked if he would be prepared to stand as Chair and said he would. He was proposed by Pat and seconded by Nicky, and duly appointed.

Deputy Chair.
Roger asked Pat if he would be willing to stand. He said he would subject to the other calls on his time and that some meeting dates might have to be moved if he were to attend. This was agreed. Roger proposed Pat, seconded by Nicky, and duly appointed.

Secretary.  Lyndsay had said she was prepared to stand again and was proposed by Mary and seconded by Nicky and duly appointed. 

Membership Secretary. Ron Volunteered to keep the email membership list up to date and take responsibility for sending information out to members. Proposed by Roger and seconded by Abdul.

Treasurer.   Marion Innell had volunteered to remain as the Treasurer.  Ron, seconded by Mary, proposed her and duly appointed. 

Communications Manager.
Nicky has been doing this job for us and is willing to continue.  Proposed by Mary, seconded by Pat and duly appointed.

Events Manager and Educator. Lyndsay has been doing this and is willing to continue. Proposed by Roger, seconded by Pat and duly appointed. Mary said she would act as her assistant, which was agreed.

The meeting closed at 21.00.

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