Thursday 27th September 2018
The Scout Hut, Evesham Road

Roger Jones (Chairman), Pat Mossop (Vice Chairman), Lucy Murphy (Park Manager), Nicky Brown, Joel Farrell, Helen Mossop, Ron Innell,  Marion Innell, Jules Maurice-Williams, Dawn Webster, Mary Edmondson,  Eugene Czauderna,  Sarah Atkins, Lyndsay Jones.

Abdul Sheik, Charlotte Cook.

Roger welcomed everyone to the meeting, and introduced Sarah Atkins who is starting a Friends group in Hermit Park.

Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes from the meeting and AGM on 14 June 2018 were agreed as a correct record. 
Recent Events
Wildlife Garden Maintenance
Lyndsay outlined the general plans for the care and use of the garden, which she has agreed with Hamish. We have a working party on Saturday 29th, and will review maintenance plans in the light of what we achieve that day.

Summer Fair
The fair was a great success with around 4, 500 visitors over the weekend, and requests for it to be held from Friday afternoon another time. Friends who helped to man our information stall were not convinced that it was a good use of our time. The free craft activity for children was popular, but there was limited interest in FWHP activities.

Bat Walk
The August bat walk was well attended by both people and bats, and everyone was delighted with the experience. The next walk will be Friday 28th September.
Post-meeting note. There was a good turnout of people, many who had not been to a bat walk before. There were fewer bats than in August but everyone had at least one sighting, and heard the calls on the detectors. The temperature may have been a bit too cool. We could consider doing the September walk a week earlier next year.

Finance Report
Current balance in the account is £813.06. 
Thanks to Marian for keeping the books.

Park Update
  • Nursery Site. This project is still being discussed by various officer and member boards at the City of London Management Committee. No decision has been reached. FWHP will be updated when there is anything to report.
  • Playground Consultation. There has been useful feedback from the public, which has favoured a water play area where the water is pumped by the children as wanted, leaving a dry play area at other times. The larger extended playground, with a toilet refurbishment and a change to the park keepers first aid space to a small concession was also favoured. Detailed designs are currently being drafted for further consultation.   It is unlikely that work will start before autumn 2019.
  • South Meadow. A grant has been received from Greater London Authority for tree planting in this area. A volunteer work-day will be held on Saturday December 1st, and will be publicised in advance on FWHP website.
  • Margery Gate and Linden Gate. These are the only original park gates, and are being restored to their original colours.
  • There will be reseeding of those grass areas, which have not recovered from the summer drought.
  • Charlotte Cook had asked, through Ron, whether some litter bins had been removed. Lucy will look into this.
  • CCTV Cameras. These are proving useful. There has been an increase in anti-social behaviour, and the Police are studying camera footage following a recent crime.
  • London in Bloom. West Ham Park won the “over 25 hectares” category this year, and also a Gold Award. Congratulations to all the park and garden staff. The park manager also thanked the friends and all the other volunteer groups that contribute to the parks maintenance, events and activities that take place each year. 
Future events
FWHP Meeting dates 
Thursday 29th November 2018 

Wildlife Garden Maintenance
The next working party will be on Saturday 29th September from 12.00 – 15.00

Leaf Pile - Sunday 5th November
The Mayor of Newham has accepted our invitation to attend the event. 
Nicky has been in contact with the group running the new Triangle Market showcasing local crafts people and home made food. She will find out whether they would like to have some stalls at Leaf Pile.

Thursday 10 January at 6pm and Friday 8th February at 7pm. A decision will be made at lunchtime on each day as to whether the event will take place and publicised on social media and by notices on the park gates.

Park in the Dark - Friday 7th December
Lyndsay will contact the school choirs, and check on and replenish glow stick supplies. Ron and Marian will get the mince pies and hot chocolate.

January bird watching
Dates for the public guided walks to be decided at the next meeting

Vegetable Gardening
Dawn has made good progress in the garden, and has four new volunteers as well as Pat, Helen, Ron and Marian. She and Lucy are looking into the possibility of allowing people to work in the garden on a “drop in” basis, for which a policy for safe lone working must be agreed. This would also be useful for maintenance work in the Wildlife Garden.
Dawn is also submitting a grant application to a City of London scheme. Pat and Roger will help with form filling and getting an acceptably checked financial statement.

Dr. Fothergill’s Legacy
Mary and Jack have made contact with Geraldine Norman, director of The Hermitage Foundation UK and author of two books about The Hermitage in St Petersburg. She has offered to contact the Komarov Institute on our behalf, following up the link made by Mary and Jack. This is a very positive step forward to locating the Fothergill Drawings. 

Station Artwork to promote the park
Roger reported that Crossrail have a concern about becoming deluged with requests to display artwork at all stations, but he is still in contact with them and will hope to make some progress.

Book Recycling Point
There is general support for a book exchange box in the park. Lucy will look into the suggestion.

Roger asked Sarah if seeing how we, as a Friends Group, work had been of any help. Whilst Hermit Park does not have a management team separate from that running all the Newham parks, she had found our ideas for activities useful, and hoped to come to the Leaf Pile event.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

                                                                                       The Friends of West Ham Park                                                                                       
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