Minutes of Committee Meeting

Thursday 23rd November
Scout Hut, Evesham Road 

Roger Jones (Chair), Pat Mossop (Vice Chair) Lucy Murphy (Park Manager), Nicky Brown, Ron Innell, Helen Mossop, Lyndsay Jones.

Joel Farrell.

Roger welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes from the last meeting on 14th September 2017 were agreed as a correct record. 
Recent Events
Wildlife Garden maintenance.
Once again we made good progress with the tasks that had been identified. Apart from our core group, one family turned up and were really helpful, the children completed the tasks given to them exceptionally well.
The “window” we created in the hedge has now become too wide, some of the plants seem to have died back more than expected. We will correct this during sessions.

Bat Walk, 22nd September 2017 
Free tickets were available on Eventbrite.  All places were booked again, but only 30 people turned up. They all enjoyed themselves although there were only a few bats around. There were more bats active just after the public event had finished, so we will plan to start a little later, closer to Park closing time, in future.

Newham’s Biggest Leaf Pile, Sunday 5th November 2017
This was the biggest pile ever. Around 100 people took part, and the children taking part in Hamish’s projects enjoyed the pile all week.

Stargazing, 22nd November 2017
30 tickets were available on Eventbrite, after a few cancellations 22 places were booked and 12 people turned up. There were some very positive comments and they all enjoyed the event with the sky only partly cloudy. Next time we will advertise the event as “First Come, First Served” with a maximum of around 30. Lucy agreed to this.

Future Meeting Dates 
These were agreed as follows-
22nd February 2018 
12 April 2018
14th June 2018 - AGM
27th September 2018
29th November 2018

Planning for Future Events 
Park in the Dark will be held on Friday 8th December.  Two local school choirs are interested in singing for the event. Lyndsay will contact them direct to finalise arrangements. Lyndsay will also circulate a list of tasks allocated to all those who have offered to help.

January 11th and February 9th. Open booking as previously discussed.

Pre-RSPB Big Birdwatch sessions
Saturday and Sunday 13/14th January, 10.30 – 12.00. No further specific planning needed, event will be the same as previous years.

Proposed Events for 2018
Bird watching and launch of the Wild East Explorer Map.
Saturday and Sunday 24/25th March.

London Tree Week
Not activity will be planned for 2018 as this falls too close to our main summer event (below).

Open Gardens Weekend, Botanical Drawing event.
This will highlight the Park’s place in the history of Botanical Drawing, and also illustrate many styles of drawing and provide sessions showing people how to make a start on drawing plants. Lyndsay and Mary Edmondson are finalising details.

July Fair
Last year’s event “Bringing Communities Together” is to be repeated Saturday and Sunday 14/15th July.  We need to decide how we will take part.

Bat Walks
Thursday 23rd August, 8.15pm start
Friday 28th September 7.15pm start

Newham's Biggest Leaf Pile
Sunday 4th November

Park in the Dark
Friday 7th December

Post meeting note – 2018 will be the 100th Anniversary of the ending of World War One and we should try and reflect that in our event activities.

Treasurer’s Report 
We have spent around £70 during the year. Marion will provide a report.
Thanks go to Marion for her work during the year.

Park Update 
Lucy reported that the Football Fair, held the same day as our Leaf Pile event, had attracted around 60 enthusiasts. There was no noticeable cross-over between the events.
The Nursery project now has architects appointed. It was agreed that Pat and Roger would be included in the next review group.
Plans to extend the Wildlife Garden to expand the Forest School programme are to be considered at the next meeting of the Management Committee.
There are plans to improve and re-plant parts of the New Zealand bed in the garden, and the first wildflower area at South Gate.
Staff: Sean, leader of the Wild East project, is leaving. We send him best wishes for the future and our thanks for his input at our events.
Callum the apprentice gardener is doing well, and two more apprenticeships have been agreed, one specialising in sports pitch maintenance and the other in administration and media work.
Pat asked about future plans for the vegetable garden. A volunteer leader has now been found. She will be invited to our next meeting to discuss plans. Pat may also be interested in helping.

We need to review our maintenance of the Wildlife Garden. It is important that we know exactly how the garden is to be used and what is required from it.
We will discuss this fully at our February meeting.

Roger has been looking into the possibility of the schools in the outreach programme led by Hamish producing some artwork to promote the park. This would be displayed at our nearest Crossrail stations, Maryland and/or Forest Gate. The Crossrail team are already engaging with local schools regarding railway safety, and Roger will continue to follow this up. We would also hope to have the park sign posted from these stations.

Local historian Terry, who has led history walks in the park, is leaving the district. He has agreed to pass his script for the walks on to Ron. We send Terry our thanks for his help, and best wishes for the future.

Tesco supermarkets are giving money from the plastic bag tax to be used for outdoor gym equipment. Everyone is urged to ask for tokens at any local branch, and use them to “vote” for the money for West Ham Park.

Roger thanked everyone for attending, and closed the meeting at 8.40pm.

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