Minutes of Committee Meeting

Thursday 14th September
Scout Hut, Evesham Road 

Roger Jones (Chair), Lucy Murphy (Park Manager), Nicky Brown, Mary Edmondson, Jo Barker, Lyndsay Jones.

Pat Mossop (Vice Chair), Helen Mossop , Ron Innell, Joel Farrell, Charlotte Cook. Charlotte has sent a message with good feedback from recent events.

Roger welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes from the AGM on 22nd June 2017 were agreed as a correct record. 
Recent Events
Wildlife Garden maintenance.
We made good progress with the tasks that had been identified. It was disappointing that no volunteers from outside the usual organising group turned up. We discussed publicity for the next session and agreed to add posters on the Park gates as well as email and Facebook.
Bat Walk 24th August 2017 
Free tickets were available on Eventbrite. 50 were booked, 10 of these people did not turn up. 15 people arrived without tickets..
Lyndsay gave the introductory talk from the Bandstand, which enabled people to hear more clearly, and luckily the bats also turned up.

Future Meeting Dates 
The next meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd November.
Dates for 2018 will be decided at this meeting.

Planning for Future Events 
The next Bat Walk, on 22nd September, has already been fully booked. We agreed to release 5 more tickets, making 55 with scope to cope with 60 people as we have 6 volunteer helpers – Lyndsay, Roger, Ron, Marian, Jo and Lee from the Park staff.
Wildlife Garden maintenance. Renovation of the pond by Park staff is being planned for the first 2 weeks of October. However, as the time scales were not yet certain it was decided that our session would remain as Sunday 29th October and tasks would be decided once the work on the pond had been assessed.
Newham’s Biggest Leaf Pile Sunday 5th November. The additional activity for this year will be tours of the Wildlife Garden. There is a football coaching event in the park on the same day which may result in more people being around for the event.
Star Gazing As this has proved popular, events will be held on Wednesday 22nd November at 6pm, Thursday 11th January 2018 at 6pm and Friday 9th February 2018 at 7pm. Tickets will be on Eventbrite again, with a maximum of 30 places.
Park in the Dark will be held on Friday 8th December. We need to find a choir. Lucy has some suggestion to try. Weather permitting star gazing would also be available. Note that  whilst the event is close to full moon, it will not have risen before the end of the event. Full arrangements will be made at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report 
No expenditure had been incurred since the AGM and the current balance is £1003.

Park Update 
  • Lucy reported that the Park trees have been found to be in very good condition after the unsettled summer weather.
  • There has been some anti-social behaviour but the Park is working with the Safer Neighbourhoods team to control this. A stabbing in Maryland was wrongly reported as having taken place in West Ham Park.
  • The summer Fun Fair event had been well received and had not caused any damage. It is likely to be repeated. FWHP would be interested in having an information stall, but would need notice to prepare this. We were offered the chance to participate only one week before the event this year. 
  • Snack Shack café has been extended until the end of September. They have a three year contract.
  • It is suggested that a representative of the Health Walk group should attend our meetings.
  • It is still hoped that a leader or leaders will be found for the vegetable growing project.
  • Tender are bring being reviewed and a consultant will be appointed to further the nursery project. 
  • A number of pieces of equipment in the playground are over 20 years old and are in need of replacement. A report is being taken to the City Project Board to seek approval to redesign the playground.
  • Sean is preparing a small nature guide to be available to Park visitors.
Fothergill Botanic Drawings and 2018 programme
We have decided to hold the event alongside the City-wide Open Gardens event, 9/10 June 2018. We will focus on the history of the garden, the Fothergill drawings, and work of other famous botanical artists.

The full programmer for 2018 would be discussed and agreed at the next meeting.

There was no other business. 

Roger thanked everyone for attending, and closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

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