Minutes of Committee Meeting

Thursday 2 March 2017 
The Scout Hut, Evesham Road

Ron Innell (Chairman), Roger Jones (Vice Chairman), Lucy Murphy (Park Manager), Abdul Sheik,  Nicky Brown, Charlotte Cook, Lyndsay Jones.

Hellen Mossop

Ron welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes from the meeting on 5th January 2017  were agreed as a correct record. 

Recent Events

Stargazing 2 February 2017: 35 People attended. The night was completely cloudy apart from a brief glimpse of Venus, but everyone enjoyed themselves and went away with ideas of what to look for, and where, next time they get a clear night.

Park Update
Nursery Site.  Lucy reported that consultants had been employed and had produced a report with six options for the future use of the site. The first meeting of the consultation group had been held. This group consists of representatives of the Park Management Committee, the Gurney family, Newham Borough Council and the Friends of West Ham Park. Our representative is Pat Mossop. This group had refined the choice down to two options, and after discussion we decided that our preference was that the land should return in total to park use, but we would support a compromise with a limited amount of development to contribute to the long term financial security of the park. It was agreed that we write formally to Lucy to confirm this.
Wildlife Garden.  Friends will help with a maintenance session this weekend. A proposal for ongoing help from the Friends will be drawn up. As assessment has been done to consider how much school use the garden can accommodate without damage.
Vegetable Garden.  The park is looking for volunteers to take charge of each raised bed, with a view to opening the garden more frequently and at weekends. The park will provide all the necessary equipment.
Wild East and Schools Programme.  Volunteers have been recruited for both these projects, which are now running.
General Update.  Lucy reported on the ongoing work in the park, including new planting, tennis and cricket, and more refreshment options.   

Fothergill Botanic Drawings
Our event will take place on  Saturday July 22nd. Mary Edmondson will be responsible for the display and historic information. We have an amateur botanic artist coming along to show people how to get started into this art form, and we will have a related activity for children. Lyndsay will organise this side of the event.

Forthcoming Events

Bird watching Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April.
Bat walks Thursday 24th August and Friday 22nd September.
Leaf Pile  Sunday 5th November
Park in the Dark  Friday 8th December

London Tree Week is 27th May to 4th  June. The park will be launching a new digital Tree Trail. Lyndsay will liaise with Sean about an event.

We have decided not to take part  in Open Gardens Week

Dates of future meetings

Thursday 2nd March

Thursday 22nd June AGM
Thursday 14th September
Thursday 16th November  

    Financial Report
    The bank account is now up and running, with debit cards issued and held by Ron, Marion and Lyndsay.
    We started with the £1000  donation reported previously. We bought items for Park in the Dark, and Lyndsay was given a donation of £30 as thanks for giving a talk about the park to a wildlife group in Hornchurch. The current balance is £1003.05.                 

    There was no other business. 

    Ron thanked everyone for attending, and closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

                                                                                           The Friends of West Ham Park                                                                                       
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