Park in the Dark     
Friday 6 December, about 70 of us met at South Gate and decorated torches to make them look like flames. A procession walked through the Park, past the leaf year and up to the Bandstand, where the wonderful Newham All Stars sang a selection of festive tunes, and we ate mince pies and drank hot chocolate. At 5.30pm, everyone left happy
Newham's Biggest Leaf Pile - 2 November 

Thanks to the storms last weekend we had enough leaves - just.
The leaves might have been in short supply but the people weren't, more than 50 of you turned up to help us build this year's Leaf Pile - and didn't you have fun?!

And when it all got a bit much we made dragons, out of leaves, pipe cleaners, egg boxes - and more leaves! Grr!  

Thank you all for coming 

Bat Walk - September
After the stunning performance by the pipistrelle bats, I guess everyone believes we have lovely little bats in our park! Pete Day from NuSound Radio 92FM was there too so we all made it onto his show as well. Click here to listen to the broadcast.
Heroes and Heroines - Story-telling and music-making in West Ham Park

Pete Castle came down from the North to entertain us with his stories and songs, twice. And in between we made our own musical shakers from empty water bottles filled with rice/pasta, and mini 'guitars' from old margarine tubs and elastic bands, and some of us helped write a song inspired by Pete's tale of an ogre! Ogre, Ogre, Big and Hairy, Ogre, Orge, Big and Scary! Fi Fi Fo Fum! Roar! Pete then came back with more songs and stories and we all joined in the singing and made our own music with our new instruments!

And our afternoon was featured by Radio Pete on NuSound Radio 92FM the following weekend! To listen click here (we're about 3/4 of the way down, the event was on 2 May)
Big Garden Bird Watch Guided Walk
The snow cleared and the sun came out for our Bird Watch this January. Maybe it was because the weather was nice, but we saw lots of birds — Jays, the Spotted Woodpecker, Mistle Thrushes and Fieldfares, and after most people had drifted off and the last of us were about to go home, some tiny Goldcrests and Gold Finches turned up too! All in all a very bird-y morning! 

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