Park in the Dark

What a brilliant evening! More than a hundred of you turned up to decorate your torches and walk through the park - after dark! Once you got to the bandstand, you were greeted by a 30-strong choir from East London Performers Academy, who sang festive tunes for us all! Thank you choir - you were BRILLIANT! The mince pies, biscuits and hot drinks went down a treat too!
Newham's Biggest Leaf Pile 

What a success! We managed to avoid the heavy rain on Saturday by holding the event on a Sunday for a change. More than 100 of you turned up to help us build our leaf pile this year, which is fantastic. Thank you very much. And it WAS a big pile! You looked like you had a lot of fun after, jumping on it! The craft stall was busy from when we opened until we had to shoo you away so we could clear up - your monsters and aliens were DEFINITELY better than ours!!!! And we have a nice sturdy hedgehog house ready to go out into the wildlife area - let's hope we get a resident hedgehog!
Bat Walk II - 3 September 
About 60 of us, of all ages, braved the chilly evening to watch and wait for the bats to show up. And to huddle under brollies when it rained briefly. But in the end a couple of bats did turn up. I think the weather was too chilly and drizzly for many insects to be about, and no insects means no bats : (
Bat Walk I - 19 August
About 40 of us, of all ages, gathered to watch and wait for the bats to show up. And a couple of them did - eventually. Which pleased everyone. To make for lack numbers, the bats swooped nice and low for us all to see (although not TOO low!). Thanks to the young lad who informed us all that bats can live for 25 years - they can indeed! Our pipistrelles only usually live for 4-5 years though. 
If you missed out, or want to see them again, we are running another Bat Walk on 3 September, at 7.15pm
Wild About West Ham Park    

There's a theme to this year's events so far - rain. And we had lots not long after we started on Sunday 28 June, but that didn't stop the 70 or so people who turned up to enjoy our afternoon in the park. All afternoon we had a food-web based treasure hunt, sending people all over the park to learn what lives where - and what gets eaten by what! Then we two very popular pond-dipping sessions - we saw lots - tadpoles and snails and more! Later we had a guided tour of the bee hives, led by our local beekeeper, he kept us away from any occupied hives and showed us an empty one so we could see where the bees live, and he told us how they live and make honey. The craft stall wasn't quiet either - sorry Jo! Lots of many-eyed insects were made using wooly pompoms and sticky eyes! Thanks to Dog's Trust and their dog agility course, and the RSPB and London Wildlife Trust who kept us all informed about their charities
Bird Watch    
Well it was very cold, it rained for a while and even snowed a bit, but the birds didn't seem to mind much, nor did the 20 hardy people who turned up to see what there was to see. Lots of Common Gulls and Starlings, Pigeons (Wood and Feral), Blue and Great Tits, Crows, Magpies and a Jay, some Blackbirds and  the Greater Spotted Woodpecker. Not bad for Stratford on a cold Saturday morning!

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