Park in the Dark
What a lovely evening! A bit chilly but our glow sticks and a torch light walk through the park soon warmed us up - all 93 of us! When we got to the bandstand, we were treated to East London Performers Academy Choir singing their hearts out, belting out plenty of festive tunes. And we all had mince pies and some hot chocolate or hot blackcurrant to warm us up. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to do any star gazing (but we'll be trying again in January and February)
Newham's Biggest Leaf Pile

What a great day! I lost count of how many turned up but it was well over 50, actually over 70 people turned up. Everyone got stuck in with raking leaves and loading the buggies. And whilst the park keepers heaped them up using the tractor, we made Green Man Masks, and did bug hunts and leaf hunts with the Wild East Team. And then the fun bit - clambering all over the Leaf Pile! People didn't get as dirty as last year which is probably a good thing! And the rain held off till right at the end!! See you again next year for our most fun event of the year!!
Bat Walk II
What a disappointment - the bats didn't really show (there were a couple but that was it). But they are wild animals and we can't control if they come out. Still, the 75 people who turned up seemed quite happy to have looked for bats and generally to have been in the park after hours! Let's hope for better luck next year.
Bat Walk I

What a lovely evening! About 60 of you came along as it was nice and warm - ideal for insects, and the bats seemed to be happy too, we only saw six or seven (or maybe the same one several times) but that kept the crowds happy. And those of you who didn't rush to leave saw some more right by South Gate! And if you missed out - we're doing it again on 30th September!
Tree Walk
The weather may have been a bit gloomy, but the trees didn't mind, nor did the twenty or so people (and a dog) who turned up for our first tree walk, held on the Bank Holiday Monday during London Tree Week 2016. We admired thirteen of our native species, and of course saw lots of the others too, there are about a thousand trees in the park.
Now you get to vote for your favourite tree via our Facebook page, the vote will be open until the end of Sunday 4 June, so get voting now!

Bird Walk II
So many of you enjoyed our Bird Walk in January, we decided to repeat the event. The weather is (supposedly) a bit warmer and the trees are starting to wake up, will we see any more birds, or any different birds? 15 of us turned out on a grey morning, which was brightened by the brightly coloured Parakeets! We also caught a glimpse of a Chaffinch and a Goldfinch, other than that it was the Usual Suspects - Pigeons, Crows and Magpies! But we enjoyed the morning
Star Gazing II
32 people turned up which is brilliant! We used the bandstand as a base rather than the office, which means more of you could come. The stars shone. The space station passed over just as we started. And everyone enjoyed themselves. 
Bird Walk
What a busy few days in the park!
It was a bit chilly this morning! But 22 of you joined the Friends of  West Ham Park regular bird survey team for a guided walk in preparation for the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of the month. We saw 16 bird species, and those taking part were shown how to distinguish between the 4 species of sea gull which visit the park. We also saw the first Fieldfare to visit the park this winter and were able to compare it with our resident Mistle Thrushes, and caught a quick sighting of a Green Woodpecker.
Orchard management workshop and Wassail

Not strictly a Friends of West Ham Park event as it wasn't organised by us, but we were very pleased to support this lovely event.
A dozen or so of us learned how to prune apple trees as part of an educational workshop led by expert orchardists from the Urban Orchard. Some of us even did our own trees once we got home! And we finished off with a traditional Wassail, singing to encourage a good harvest and enjoying some warm spiced apple juice (hopefully my bad singing won't put off the apples!)
Star Gazing I
There weren't many of us, but we had a beautiful, clear, crisp evening in the park. We'll be repeating this event in February, so book a place if you want to see the stars!

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