Park in the Dark

Well that was a chilly evening! But what a great time! 90 of you turned up to enjoy our annual torch parade through the park - after dark! We decorated our torches. We walked through the park. We were entertained by the wonderful choir from Godwin School. And we had hot chocolate and mince pies! Happy days! 
Thank you for turning up for our final event of 2017.
We'll be back for Star Gazing on 11th January 2018.
Star Gazing
There weren't loads of us (please come along if you book tickets, or let us know you can't make it so other people can come instead), but we still enjoyed ourselves and learned lots of Star Gazing tips from our expert Lyndsay. And the clouds were scuttling across the sky in the high winds so we all got to see some stars in between all the clouds (and planes). We're doing it all again on Thursday 11 January and Friday 9 February 2018.
Newham's Biggest Leaf Pile

How much fun was that?! I think we built our BIGGEST leaf pile EVER this year! Well done for all your hard work raking and carrying and picking up leaves this year. Over 100 of you came along to join the fun, and you just about managed to contain your excitement long enough for the tractor to scoop the leaf pile ever higher - before the countdown to rush the leaf pile and JUMP ALL OVER IT!
Bat Walk II
25 people enjoyed listening to, and occasionally seeing, our bats who were playing a better game of hide and seek than usual. We also heard a Brown Long Eared Bat which is the first time one has been recorded in the Park  by us. Our normal Pipistrelle bats have a competitor!
Bat Walk I
Nearly 50 of you turned up for our August Bat Walk. Most of you had been to the Eventbrite site and got tickets, but a few hadn't realised we were doing tickets - but we let you in anyway. But ticket or not, we all had a great time as lots of bats came out so I think EVERYONE saw at least one! Let's hope they are as sociable (or hungry for insects) in September!
Bird Walks
Two days, two bird walks. Thirty of you turned up for Sunday's walk, fewer of you got up for Saturday's one.
But we saw plenty - all the usual suspects - Great Tits, Blue Tits, Crows, Wood Pigeons, Feral Pigeons, Blackbirds, Robins, Mistle Thrushes and a Jay or two. And we finished with look at the newts in the pond.

Star Gazing II
Well it was much warmer for our second Star Gazing event of the year - but also much cloudier. Too cloudy to see anything in fact. Other than the moon which briefly appeared through the clouds, and possibly just to its right, Venus. But hopefully you picked up some tips to have a go without us. Let us know how you get on!
Bird Watching Weekend
Well neither day was great for us humans - Saturday was very cold and Sunday was just wet and miserable - but that didn't seem to deter the birds. The Jays came out and put on a show both days - especially Sunday. And we saw both Green and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers at different times. The usual suspects of Pigeons and Crows and Magpies, Blue and Great Tits, Blackbirds all popped along too. And not forgetting the Robin right at the end on Sunday who came right over and made one little chaps day! Thanks to everyone for coming along and enjoying the Birds - and the Park!
Star Gazing I

Boy was it cold for our first Star Gazing event of the year! (we have another coming up in early February 2017). But 38 of us, and a well-behaved dog, turned up to admire the night sky above the park - we saw the Moon (and even craters on it if we used our binoculars), and Venus and Mars too, along with lots of stars - many of them too small for my tired eyes. But everyone seemed to enjoy themselves before heading home for a nice warm drink!

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