Newham's Biggest Leaf Pile - 4 November 2018

There's a Mayor here somewhere! 
How much fun was that????? There must've been over a 100 of us over the course of the afternoon, all enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and getting a little bit of sneaky exercise. We raked. We piled. The tractor piled it EVEN higher. The Mayor turned up and lead the charge right to the top of this year Leaf Pile! Looked like she had a great time! Thank you Mayor!! And we didn't even get too dirty (I thought the rain would've made all the leaves muddy but they had mostly dried out) 
Bat Walk - 28 September 2018
Well the bats didn't appear quite as much as they did back in August, but about 65 of us got to see a couple of bats early on in the evening, but then they decided they weren't coming out anymore. Which was a pity but they are wild creatures and we can't promise they will turn up. Everyone seemed happy with the few bats we saw though!
Bat Walk - 23 August 2018
Wow! What a great evening! The bats definitely turned up! The first two almost on cue as the introduction finished (honest we didn't let them out of a box), then after a short delay the bats came out and swooped around us until we got too cold to watch any longer! Thanks to everyone who turned up, about 70 of you, and a dog. We'll be doing another bat walk at the end of September!
Dr Fothergill's Legacy. 9 & 10 June 2018

Didn't we all have a great time, admiring the exhibition and creating beautiful collages!
What a perfect weekend we had for our exhibition! The weather could not have been more kind and the Rose Garden in the park was looking truly beautiful, with plenty of roses and cottage garden flowers in full bloom, offsetting the exhibition beautifully. 
The legacy of Dr John Fothergill in the history of West Ham Park caught the interest of several hundreds of visitors over the two days, and the botanical illustrations looked perfect in the setting of the garden. The Friends of West Ham Park had many interesting conversations with fellow Newham residents (and some from much further away too!) and many people, children included,  produced some stunning drawing and collage creations. On the Saturday we were joined by a group of artists from Together 2012! the local disability art, culture and human rights group - they set up their easels and got creative, painting the park and rose garden.
Thank you to everyone who visited. 
Many thanks are due to the gardeners and Park Manager for creating the wonderful Garden and special thanks to Ricky who helped us with the setting up and packing up. 
The exhibition will stay in place most of June (unless the weather takes it down!) so enjoy a visit to the Rose Garden if you couldn’t come at the weekend. You will not be disappointed.

Star Gazing. 9 February 2018
Boy was it COLD! Half a dozen of us headed out into the park for a short but fruitful look at the skies. As the skies were clear we saw The Big Dipper, Orion, Betelgeuse and lots more that I can't remember. No planets this time though as they were below the horizon when we were star gazing. 
Star Gazing. 11 January 2018
Unfortunately it was very cloudy and so we weren't expecting anyone to turn up. A lone brave lady showed up and we managed to show her what stars were hiding behind all those clouds! Hopefully the skies will be nice and clear for our final Star Gazing event on 9th February.
Bird Watch Weekend  
It was a chilly, gloomy weekend so numbers were very limited, but everyone who came along seemed to enjoy themselves. And of course, we saw plenty of birds! We'll be running another Bird Walk in April so come along then - the weather should hopefully be a bit warmer! 

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